The world is moving away from the traditional, expeditionary models of ocean observation. Yet the goal of perpetual, longitudinal monitoring has remained out of reach. That’s why AMS was founded — to provide unmanned surface vessels that offer the optimum of cost-effectiveness and capability.

Eamon and T.J. got their start at a small spacecraft mechanisms manufacturer. They lived every day with the knowledge that their product had to work, all the time. You can’t haul a broken satellite back in for a few tweaks.

That knowledge, and the founders’ daily experience of what it takes for a mission to be successful, underpins every choice made at AMS.

The first priority is reliability. That means space-flight quality design coupled with robust software and electrical hardware.

The second priority is low cost. AMS strives to make its platform as inexpensive as possible so that the technology can be deployed as widely as possible. The Datamaran’s design is optimized to deliver exactly what is needed and no more.