What Datamarans Do

When it comes to learning about the world’s oceans, too much information is still lost at sea. As marine industries and exploration move farther offshore, the need for data becomes more critical and the cost to obtain that data—in time, money, and risk to personnel—goes up. AMS offers the solution. Every mission is different; that’s why the Datamaran offers a flexible configuration of sensors, payloads, deployment options. What doesn’t change from mission to mission is the commitment AMS makes to its customers to deliver the highest quality data available. This combination of flexibility and dependability means that the Datamaran is a tool with applications across industries and the sciences.

  • Datamarans self-deploy and are programmed to return to a retrieval site when their mission lifetime is met.
  • 5 Datamarans can provide 5000km2 of coverage every day.
  • Each Datamaran can be dynamically positioned for changing conditions.

Datamaran Solutions

Need: Accurate, Real-time Hydrographic Information on Climate and Meteorological Conditions
Need: Subsea Acoustic Data Collection
Need: Marine Surveillance
Need: Low-cost Micro Vehicle Deployment
Need: Distributed Synthetic Aperture Sensing Networks