It all started when…

. . . Eamon and his colleagues realized the need for low-cost, powerful, and robust sensing capabilities in the oceans. They recognized the similarities between the mission sets of an ultra-long-dwell surface vessel and space-based remote sensing systems. Leveraging their deep experience in spacecraft development, they set out to build a satellite for the seas.

In 2013, they ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and called on friends and family for financial backing. They built the world’s first self righting catamaran and began work on payload integration for DARPA and select customers in offshore energy.

Following a transformative stint at SURGE, the world’s top rated energy-focused accelerator, and armed with investor cash, they set up shop at Greentown Labs in Somerville MA to join the premiere marine robotics community centered between MIT, WHOI, and a litany of marine technology companies.

In 2016 they raised a Seed round. Identifying the emerging opportunity in offshore wind, AMS developed the DATAMARAN. Mark 7, the first generation was launched.

In 2017, the team grew to its current complement of five full time employees + interns.  The DATAMARAN platform underwent sea trials of increasing duration and complexity and customer interest was ignited.

2018 was a breakout year with significant commercial traction. A competitive process resulted in the award of a state government grant which funded critical technology advancement. This was followed by revenue from development contracts in the renewable energy, coastal monitoring and defense sectors.

2019 continues the commercial and technology development trend. The next generation DATAMARAN, truly the most advanced multi-hulled autonomous sailing platform is launched.