Office and Workshop


AMS is located at Greentown Labs in Somerville, MA. Greentown Labs is the largest clean technology incubator in the world. It is a few miles from MIT, Northeastern and Harvard universities. Its proximity to these academic and entrepreneurial ecosystems allows it to access a diverse, highly qualified and motivated talent pool. AMS benefits from GTL’s impressive resources to punch above its weight - prototyping assets include CNC mills, CNC lathes, band saws, sand blasters, compressed air, 3D printers, laser cutters, large temperature-controlled test chambers and well equipped electronics and wet labs.


Offshore Base


AMS operates the Violet Frances, a 27’ Eastern, extended pilot house, power boat, berthed in Winthrop, MA. The marina serves as the staging area for offshore trials extending north to the Gulf of Maine and south to Martha’s Vineyard. AMS conducts missions year-round. A New England winter is harsh with short days, extreme cold and brutal Nor’easters. All aspects of the AMS system get thoroughly tested!


Operations Area


Ocean trials are undertaken in the challenging waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the Massachusetts coast. AMS tests its platform in a variety of real-life conditions – busy shipping lanes, shoals and deep water, recreational boating and commercial fishing traffic. The North Atlantic stresses even the sturdiest boats with highly variable sea states and wind regimes. Lobster traps and a profusion of sea life, including marine mammals complicate navigation.